Brand Earth empowers everyone to act to ensure the health and well-being of Earth, our only home.


Transform commerce to fund a just transition to a regenerative earth. 

This shift involves reimagining the relationship between corporations, consumers, advertisers, and nature. Corporations and consumers are seen as potential partners in business with nature.

This includes rethinking brands so that they can preserve Earth’s diverse natural wealth.

B.R.A.N.D Be Respectful Accessing Nature's Diversity
A new B R A N D story

Be Respectful Accessing Nature’s Diverity

A new B R A N D story


Brand Earth unites people, redefines brands, and prioritizes nature. Brand Earth channels funds into projects that integrate Indigenous wisdom and nature-based solutions into economic development initiatives. It seeks to restore wealth to local communities and renew diverse exchanges, drawing inspiration from the behavior of the dandelion in nature, termed as the “Dandelion Economy.”

Brand Earth will introduce the “Earth Pass”, a sustainable funding mechanism that supports regenerative initiatives and leverages a combination of public, private funding, and innovative financial instruments. This is aimed at redirecting resources from environmentally damaging practices.

The success of Brand Earth heavily depends on trust and authenticity in marketing messages. Greenwashing won’t be tolerated, as consumers are increasingly seeking brands that they trust and that are genuinely regenerative in nature. Brand Earth is partnering with ad agencies and corporations to facilitate this transformation.

By emphasizing global collaboration, mindset shift, ecological preservation, empowerment, sustainable development, and a just transition, Brand Earth encourages a collective effort to unify the human family and ensure the health and well-being of our only home, Earth.